Access to drinking water
Access to education
Access to its quality
Access to sanitation
Access to services
Access to training
Access to water
Action plan
Adequate services
AFD activities
AFD agency
AFD Board
AFD financing
AFD Group
AFD loan
AFD operations
AFD projects
AFD's Board of Directors
AFD strategy
Africa development
Africa's economy
African agriculture
African Agriculture Fund
African countries
African Development Bank
Agricultural investments
Aid effectiveness
Anti-money laundering
Arab Spring
Asian Development Bank
Banking sector
Basic education
Basic services
Board of Directors
Budget support
Business center
Capacity building
Carbon credits
Central Asia
Challenge for development
Chalon neighborhood
Chief Executive
Chief Executive Officer
Chief Officer
City dwellers
City in the North
City in the South
City management
Civil society
Climate change
Commercial banks
Concessional loan
Congo Basin
Continuous training
Cost of remittances
Credit line
Daily lives
Date of approval
Date of signature
Democratic Republic
Deputy Director
Developing countries
Development Agency
Development aid
Development aid institutions
Development assistance
Development banks
Development finance
Development Goals
Development issues
Development plan
Development policy
Development projects
Digital tools
Dov Zerah
Drainage networks
Drinking water
Economic development
Economic growth
Education Division
Education sector
Efficiency Project
Emerging countries
Energy efficiency
Energy efficiency projects
Environmental impacts
Environmental responsibility
Essential services
Euro grant
Euro loan
European Affairs
European Banks
European Investment Bank
European Union
Everyday life
Expected outcomes
Fair trade
Feasibility study
Fight against climate change
Finance institution
Financial constraint
Financial institutions
Financial products
Financial resources
Financial support
Financing agreement
Financing plan
Five years
Food security
Foreign Affairs
Foreign and European Affairs
Forest management
François-Xavier Bellocq
French Agency
French Communities
French cooperation
French Development Agency
French Government
French Guiana
French Ministry
French Overseas Communities
Future generations
Gas emissions
Global environment
Global Environment Facility
Global public goods
Greenhouse gas
Greenhouse gas emissions
Growth in a uncertain global environment
Growth rate
Health sector
High level
Higher education
Huge challenge
Human capital
Human resources
Ideas for cycle
Impact evaluation
International community
International Cooperation
Investment bank
Investment facilities
Investment fund
Investment in this infrastructure
Investment Officer
Jean-Michel Severino
Job creation
Labor market
Lack of systems
Land management
Latin America
Line of credit
Lives of its residents
Living conditions
Loan agreement
Local authorities
Local governments
Long term
Long time
M Euro
Macro-economic perspectives
Macroeconomic perspectives for Africa
Major challenges
Major projects
Management in administration
Management of resources
Million euro grant
Million euros
Million people
Ministry of Affairs
Ministry of European Affairs
Ministry of Finance
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Modern city
Money laundering
Movement of persons
National Park
Natural resources
Official development assistance
Olivier Charnoz
Palestinian Territories
Partnership agreement
Partnership with the IMF
Partnerships between companies
Past years
Phone networks
Pierre Jacquet
Pilot project
Poor neighborhoods
Poorest countries
Population growth
Poverty reduction
Power generation
Power plant
Primary education
Primary school
Principles of development
Priority for policies
Private companies
Private sector
Productive sector
Project description
Project duration
Protected areas
Public administrations
Public authorities
Public good
Public health
Public institution
Public Management
Public policies
Public-private partnerships
Public sector
Public transport
Real time
Regional integration
Regulatory framework
Renewable energy
Research Department
Research Work
Resource management
Roland Barthes
Rubber plantations
Rue Roland Barthes
Rural areas
Rural development
Sanitation networks
School enrollment
Second phase
Service Provider
Small producers
Small towns
Social development
Social impacts
Social protection
Social responsibility
Southern Africa
Southern cities
Sovereign loans
Street lighting
Street signs
Sub-Saharan Africa
Sub-Saharan African countries
Sub-Saharan countries
Subject to prior registration
Subject to seating capacity
Sufficient resources
Summary of the interview
Sustainable development
Sustainable management
Technical aspects
Technical assistance
Ten years
Terms of access
Terms of education
Threat to security
Three years
Training center
Training systems
Transformation of African agriculture
Two projects
Two years
United Nations
Urban areas
Urban development
Urban management
Urban networks
Urban objects
Urban transport
Useful links
Video interview
Vocational training
Water resources
Water sector
Water supply
West Africa
Wide range
World Bank
Young people
Youth integration