Cost of remittances

  • Press Releases

    Publication of study" Reducing the Cost of Migrant Remittances and Optimizing their Impact on Development... It proposes practical solutions to reduce the costs of migrant remittances and increase their impact on development. The proposals made by the study aim to reduce the average cost of migrant remittances and to optimize their impact on the development of African countries
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  • Human Migrations

    The themes studied include reducing the cost and optimizing the developmental impact of remittances, supporting the productive investment of migrants, the local dimension of the migration and development dialectic, the mobilization of migrants ' competences and environmental migration. The international" Migration and development" conferences
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  • Program

    This may be achieved notably through a better interaction with migrants ' networks, with particular attention to improving the quantity and quality of remittance flows and increasing equity in the distribution of the gains from migration... Impacts of Migrations and Remittances on Developing Countries
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