Threat to security

  • Agriculture and Rural Development

    European, African and international partners have set out to tackle the threats to Africa's food security by pooling their resources and expertise for the first time in a single investment fund (African Agriculture Fund, AAF)... Increasing threat to food security for Africans
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  • 2007 News archive

    Are Fragile states a threat to national security? on 27 March from 2 30 6 30 p m. at 56 rue Jacob, 75006 Paris. No reservation required
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  • Events

    And yet the sector is today under threat. Soil yields are dwindling and food security on the island is threatened by deforestation, overfarming of land, low levels of productivity and land tenure insecurity. In order to curb land depletion, AFD is developing agroecology for Malagasy farmers with support from CIRAD
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